The Luna Coin!

Luna Coins is a wiki-exclusive currency that can be used to buy and sell various web-only items such as custom code jobs, art commissions, cards and more. You can find your Luna Coin balance at If you do not have a balance please contact our Treasurers Mavis or Ryule.

How to Obtain Luna Coins

  • Having joined the wiki for at least three days you will instantly be graced with 100 LC to start out with.
  • Every 5 consistent days on the wiki will award you 50 LC. A screenshot must be provided showing that your days counter ends in a 5 or a 0. (Days counter is located under your badges on your profile)
  • Every 100 edits you will be given 100 LC.
  • Luna Coins may be given as prizes in contests.
  • Getting a Lucky Edit badge will grant you 100 LC.
  • Getting a golden badge for editing will grant you 75 LC.
  • Being top of the editing leader board for that week will grant you 100 LC

Things You Can Sell or Buy for Luna Coins

  • Drawing commissions
  • Coding requests
  • Writing commissions
  • Dreamt Cards
  • Pretty much anything and everything that can be traded online that isn’t really inappropriate

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