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Lusa is Nao and Ursarus's daughter and Ursalia's sister. Her full name is Lusa Deuon Lupian.


Lusa has pure white hair and blue eyes. She has white wolf ears and a tail to match and usually wears sweaters or dresses in winter or light but covering clothes in summer. She has to keep out of the sun since she would get burned very badly if she stayed in it for too long and has to wear sunscreen if she is going out in it. Do to this factor, she goes to Hogwarts Elementary Boarding School in The Darkness Kingdom with other magic-using children in her family. Lusa is very pale-skinned and takes on the sort of hue as the rest of the Darkness-goers. Being that her father and mother were both Darkness-born, she adapts quite well to not seeing very much light.


Lusa has a very energetic and outgoing personality and is always eager to make new friends. Due to her past of growing up for the first seven years of her life on a monastery of strict but caring nuns, Lusa usually always instantly knows if something is not right or if there is tension or sadness in the air. She was always well-taken care of by the nuns, but she had no other girls her age to be friends with and was almost never allowed outside for fear of Lotus spotting her. Lusa loves to play now though, and sometimes has enough energy to carry her for hours before she needs a nap. Overall, Lusa is happy to live with her family now, even if she does miss the place she grew up in from time to time.

Abilities & Powers

Lusa is a wolf were, young Darkness witch, star mage, and can see spirits. She is still a child, so she doesn't fight and is still learning to use her powers properly. She does well in school though, and learns fast. She is observant and perceptive as well and is able to cheer up her friends and siblings quite well. She adapts well

to her environment, and since she is a wolf were she can see very well in the dark.



Lusa is close the other children in the family that go to her magical boarding school like her twin sister Ursalia, and her cousins Tree and Leif. She also grew close to the nuns at the monastery in Darkness that she grew up on as well as Nao and Franky. She only knew her father for a few years and misses him very much.



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