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Luxrianne has multiple nicknames including Lux, Anne, Rianne and Uxie. She is an extremely powerful curve and can teleport to places easily. She bounces around from crew to crew and is currently working with the Vholts.


Lux has straight blond hair that reaches her shoulders. She has pale green eyes and wears large rectangular glasses. Uxie tends to dress in a masculine way, but could technically be considered gender fluid. She wears dress pants, dress shirts and sweater vests.


Rianne is awkward and slow when it comes to socializing. She has a lot of social anxiety and usually acts younger than she is in front of people she doesn’t know because of all of her nervousness. Uxie is very easily worried but strangely works well under pressure. She’s loyal and dedicated and strives to make her friends happy. Technologically she’s extremely bright and occasionally works as a technician for crews lacking them. She’s also good with math. Usually Lux spends more time working with computers than speaking to others.


Luxrianne has only been in DD for about two and a half years. She was Fox’s intelligence up until the end of the war. During that time she almost went blind and went into a small coma, so she’s gotten very vigilant and cautious. Through all of this Terri, Fox and Jewel were like a family to her. After the war ended Lux began traveling around to help smaller areas, weed out Loyalists and help towns recover from the war.

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Powers & Abilities

Rianne is an extremely powerful curve and is able to easily travel between Satus Beta and Radix Prim. She can also create portals and rifts so she can easily navigate the dimensions. She’s very careful with this power since it’s very strong and doesn’t use it on a day to day basis. She also has her technological skills. Uxie isn’t much of a fighter and doesn’t own any weapons.


Lux considers Fox and Jewel very close friends and keeps in touch with them as best she can.


  • "Hack the government!" ~Lux's catchphrase during the War
  • "Seems I sleep rifted again...meh."
  • "Fox, my hipster long lost brother!"
  • "Jewel, you always shine bright."
  • "Hai!"
  • "Before you give me your computer, did you try turning it off then turning it on again?"
  • "Binary code!"
  • "J, did you try fixing that with a peach?"
  • "SENPAI NOTICE ME!" ~To Fox when he ignores her
  • "The only thing we can do is carry on her values!" ~Talking about Terri


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