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She wears her hair in a short, slightly choppy crimson bob, and her eyes are dark olive green. She has a light dusting of freckles on her nose.


Mahiru is an optimistic and sensible girl who is generally rather calm and unafraid to speak her mind. She initially comes off as confident, but actually has self-esteem issues. She has high expectations of men and is quick to be abrasive towards them. She is much more tolerant and friendly to girls. Mahiru wants to help as many people as she can, but is not a pushover- she doesn't hesitate to scold those who are rude to her. She's also really good at taking care of people even though she complains

about it.
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Mahiru is from the anime/videogame franchise Danganronpa.


Mahiru is human and has no powers or abilities. She is skilled in photography.


Mahiru is close to Hiyoko and Em.



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