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Maia was queen of the angel throne for most of her life and the sister of Lotus (or Almine was her real name). She also sponsored The Dreyms in the past. She is now most well known for leading a religious cult and undoubtedly going insane by trying to kill her niece, Noemi and blaming her for the War.


Maia had long blonde hair and blue eyes with fair skin. She had large angel wings and often dressed in a royal fashion. She also wore jewelry symbolizing her religion like crosses and fish necklaces and earrings. She was quite wealthy, so she always dressed to the expectations of her social class and never looked underclass when she could help it.

Personality & Backstory

Maia 2

This one is pretty much her before she turned evil.

Maia always embraced her royal status and truly did fit her crown for a long time. In her earlier days, she was a great deal nicer than before she died, but even then acted higher than all others. She never treated her sister as an equal and seemed to think she had godly powers above humans and other people just because she was the angel heir. After the War, Maia had nobody to blame for problems in the world and turned her

hate and uncertainty onto Noemi. She quickly fell into insanity, clinging to her religion since she had nothing else and took things way too far out of context. Eventually, she formed her own cult and built a complex far out in southwestern Moxidius on the flatter, more barren land. She gathered heaping numbers of followers to live there and brainwashed them to believe in her twisted ideas. She warped the idea of her religion and turned hate towards Noemi. Her "new religion" trained and brainwashed many individuals who are now in rehabilitation. Her compound for the cult was set up in the exact same way as the famous Infinity and she took many prisoners, as well as executed and tortured many

people "in the name of God". Maia had nearly no remorse for this and her Evangelical group eventually fell to the hands of the very niece she was after. Once Maia's plan was unearthed, Noemi aided with her military, the Dreyms, Foxglove Verendix, and her own crew stormed Maia's compound and took everything down. Noemi fought Maia after her aunt attacked her in the sky and stabbed her repeatedly with a starshot until she was dead.

Abilities & Powers:

Maia younger

That looks like her when she was younger, maybe in her teenage years. At least that's what Lotus said she looked like.

Maia was a full-blood angel and also had Persuasion. She was Angel Royalty and also immortal. She had much influence over the religious community and formed her own Evangelical cult dubbed, "Maia's Following" before she was found out for the scam and assassinated. The cult was also taken down.


Maia was Noemi's aunt and Lotus's sister. She was the daughter of Themin and Azelia, the former angel king and queen. She also sponsored the Dreyms at one point.


Maia was assassinated on January 12th by her niece Noemi Li Roux. She was also given judgement by Satan (Malphas) and was punished for all of eternity. Her story can be found here.

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