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This is my Aunt Maia's story, it basically explains her transition from good to evil and her life during the war. -Noemi

Maia the former Angel Queen was always the "blessed" sister out of her and Lotus; she was pampered from birth and the second born in the family. From a young age, it was clear who would become the heir to the Angel throne. She was favored greatly by her parents and eventually did go on to become the heir, leaving her older sister behind. This was said to be the event that caused Lotus to turn on her evil path. Maia came off as humble and kind, but she had a darker side to her which grew and grew as the years went on. It is said that as soon as the Angel Crown touched her head, that side began to rapidly take over. Maia kept many things secret from the public and from her kingdom, and it ultimately led to her downfall.

In the early years of the War Maia was still, for the most part, "good". She lived in the rich Diamond District of the Capitol which remained unscathed by the fires and poverty of war. She gave a great deal of money to the rebel cause and ended up rescuing nearly all of Lotus's daughters as they were nearly killed by their mother. In the later times of the War, Maia even sponsored the Dreyms crew. She still resided in the Capitol then and lived alone, for the most part. She was known to have had various lovers in her lifetime, one with a past Satan resulting in her only child, Lae. She kept the poor girl a secret though, and she nearly perished in the basement of her mother's mansion due to a mostly vegetarian diet.

For years, Maia kept a good facade on to the rest of the world while darkness ate at her. She disappeared one day around late 2014 to early 2015. Traces of use of a portal was found, but it had since vanished. It was believed that Maia had gone to the realm of Radix Prim, a sister world to Satus Beta within DD. Here, she helped the citizens of Radix Prim by becoming a double-agent within the Ganem Company. She collected as much information as she could, and boxes of papers all in codes were found in the closet of her house there. This helped households in Radix Prim eventually overthrow the evil company.

After this, Maia came back to visit Noemi who was very sick at the time. Once her niece was better Maia began to put a lot of pressure on her family, primarily Noemi. Maia disapproved of Noemi's then very reckless lifestyle, criticizing her often. She encouraged everyone to go to church and did not like Noemi's choice of a job. Eventually, Noemi kicked her aunt out of the house and Maia went M.I.A for awhile. After Noemi's engagements were broken off from Zoro and Kyoya, she heard from her aunt less and less.

This was because Maia had begun to go power crazy. She began blaming many of her own problems on her niece and envisioned Noemi as her fallen older sister. She spouted a few misconceptions and lies here and there, and eventually formed her own cult. Maia built a gated community in the more open areas of Moxidius near a few forests where they would be hidden. They were in the southeast towards the middle of the country, far away from the hustle and bustle of many cities. Maia often preached her beliefs on Noemi being the second-coming of Lotus publicly where many of her followers originated. Eventually, she lead her group the small town where they would now live. Her large mansion was at the center, and it was strangely built very similarly to Lotus's old mansion.

Here was when the true horror began. Maia hid behind her old faith, using it as a mask, to lure people into what is now referred to as Maia's Following. Just like her sister before her, Maia would "purify" the members of her cult in the basement of her mansion by permanently dying their hair blond with chemicals and giving each a pair of angel wings (also chemically enhanced). She brainwashed their minds and told them they would be part of a superior race who's ultimate motive was to kill Noemi. Maia also told her followers that Noemi was planning to attack and enslave the country (which was completely untrue) and that it was their mission to restore order to kill her. Not only this, but Maia also planned to leak many important documents and papers concerning Noemi as well as a copy of her birth certificate.

Eventually, she was found out by Noemi through a close friend, Alexandria Genevieve. Maia had been attempting to brainwash the half-awake Conscious through sending her nightmares in which Alex often confided in Noemi about. Alex claimed to have dreams where Maia's nuns would force her to read books about the following and try to get her to obey rules. They often abused her in the dreams when she wouldn't listen, as well. It was later discovered that Maia planned to launch an attack on Energy City and that she had been keeping Noemi's sister Nishi and her family captive. A counter-attack was soon planned. Noemi and some members of Indigo Fire were to protect and guard the city, as well as Indigo Fire Headquarters. Member of the Dreyms and other close allies and friends of Noemi such as Ryule, Fox Verendix, and Aaron also offered their help.

In a heated battle in the air, Noemi fought Maia and stalled her enough that her friends could gather where Maia's followers were being held. Eventually, Noemi struck Maia down with the same starshot used to kill Lotus. Noemi also absorbed Maia's spirit into her subconscious to be held until further notice. Maia's body was thrown into a freezer in the Darkness Kingdom castle but was later buried.

After Maia was taken care of, Noemi and some of her friends made their way to the gated community. During these events some of Maia's followers kidnapped one of Noemi's apprentices, Lena and held her at the Daegon Coliseum. Luckily, Fox was able to rescue her. He was unfortunately wounded but was later healed by Aaron.

During the battle at the cult community, Maia's follower's fought back but were no match for the force that came back at them. The followers had been ingesting chemicals through food, but Noemi was able to fly over head and absorb and destroy a lot of them. With the help a the Moxidius military, many of the followers were sedated and spared from death and violence.

Once inside Maia's mansion, the allies surrounded the perimeter and got everyone out in time. Medicial services were available for the captives, but in the great hall of the building many followers retaliated.

When the bloodshed was finally over, the military and armed forces took over. Aaron helped to heal many people who were hurt and Noemi was reunited with her sister and her family, who were very much shaken by the ordeal. Many people are still in rehabilitation from the trauma they faced while in the cult. Thankfully, none of Noemi's friends were killed and they all made it back to the cafe.

As unfortunate as the story was, it fully explains Maia's transition from good to evil over her time in power. Her spirit no longer resides in Noemi. She has since faced judgement before the current Satan, King Malphas, Noemi's uncle.

Maia's page can be found here.

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