Rosemary the skunk1

Malo is a wolfman that only Ari is able to see.


Malo is a humanoid wolf-man with thick black fur covering his entire body except for his face. His face is very similar to a wolf's, with a long muzzle and a mouth full of sharp teeth. Under close inspection his face looks to be made entirely of bone. His eyes are also a blank white, and it's unknown if Malo can actually see through them. Overall he looks extremely scary, which is a bad thing when you wake up with him inches from your face.


Malo is incapable of speaking and can only make low growling sounds or gestures to indicate his feelings. It is obvious that Malo feels very protective of Ari, though, and he tends to scope out areas before she enters. He acts like a dog in multiple ways, but also like a human as well. He can be very sweet, despite his looks, as well as nurturing and caring. He has a fierce loyalty to the entire crew, even if they can't see him, and he does whatever he can to help.


Malo is invisible to everyone except Ari and occasionally Io. He isn't very good at influencing his surroundings and, at most, can push a chair a few feet. But, Malo is very good at influencing radio waves and other things of that sort and is able to hack most phones and laptops. He can then use his abilities to communicate with those that cannot see him, usually through pictures that he takes of himself. Photos are the only way to capture Malo's appearance. It's also not known if Malo actually understands language, as he's never tried hacking something and then using it to communicate via texts or any other written communication.


Malo is very close to Ari and Io, but is protective of the entire crew in general.

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