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Mavis is an android created by Chiaro and Violetta and spends much of her time monitoring the wiki and other important things.


Mavis has waist-length, straight hair that is a cotton candy pink. Her hair feels soft like cotton candy as well, but Drake can confirm that her hair does not taste like it. Her skin is a light porcelain color, with her cheeks being slightly redder than the rest of her face. Her eyes are a bright gold and can actually glow in the dark. Mavis is also bordering on being tall and has narrow shoulders and an elegant frame. She appears to be 17 years of age.


Mavis tries her best to be as friendly and open as possible. She is willing to answer any questions someone may present to her and takes pride in her various jobs. Mavis also strives to be as human as possible, and tries her best to understand the complexity of emotions. She is also intelligent, seeing as how the entire internet and all the knowledge it contains is directly implanted in her head.


Mavis is not programmed to fight, but she does possess a pistol in case of emergencies. She is skilled with all technology and is able to assemble an assortment of useful objects. Her senses for hearing and sight are exceptional, giving her deadly accuracy and making it hard to sneak up on her. She is also considerably hack-proof, equipped with multiple proxies, firewalls, and other protective software.


She isn't on bad terms with anyone, but she has yet to make any close friends. Chiaro and Violetta are her creators. Eros is like a brother to her.


  • "Greetings!"
  • "Being a robot and being human aren't very different when you consider it."
  • "Ask me anything!"
  • "Please don't request me to divide my zero. I won't answer you if you do."
  • "Drake, please stop eating my hair."


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