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New fighter on Indigo Fire with a wild and goofy attitude.


Mel is a half girl/half lizard with a wild and goofy personality. Her lizard powers came from being an experiment. She often sticks out her unusually long tongue at people and wildly smirks instead of smiling. She has crazy dark green hair and a short mohawk on top and green lizard eyes. Mel also has a few green lizard scales dotting the right side of her face, along with a greenish tinge to her skin which can get darker if she's fighting or energized with adrenaline. She wears military clothes and a spiked necklace, along with a silver ring in her right ear which she says symbolizes her being lesbian. She also keeps a rainbow backpack with her in which she carries her weapons and makeup. Mel is often seen wearing thick eyeliner and black lipstick.


Abilities & Powers

Mel 2

Mel is a fighter in training and her weapon of choice is a metal pole. She studies other forms of fighting as well. Now she is a fully trained soldier in the Rise army and got her education from staying with Indigo Fire. Even though she knows she will never be on an old, pre-War esque crew, she still has the kind of spirit and sense of justice the veteran crews have. She takes her job very seriously and doesn't tolerate crap from rookies, but she definitely kept her sense of humor and usually is full of energy.



Mel is Kobra's twin sister and is friendly with most of the crew, she is also dating Nymph.



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