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Merrit is Kyukyoku's reserved and respected Dream Guide, though she acts more like a protector.


Merrit has a mane of long, dark brown close-to-black, hair and deep brown eyes, and she's always scowling. It's extremely hard to get her to crack a smile. She has dark skin and she's fairly tall. Merrit is usually found wearing a yellow hoodie and big, black army boots.


Merrit gives off an I'll-beat-the-shit-out-of-you kind of vibe and she's usually silent and resilient, which makes her even scarier. She is well respected, as well as level-headed, fierce, protective, and stubborn. It's hard to get her to talk or to get her to laugh. But don't mistake her for being robotic in personality, Merrit can be super lively once you get to know her. You just have to earn a little of her trust and prove you're worth her time.



Merrit is extremely strong, but she doesn't have super-strength. She's also very flexible and graceful. She can use most weapons, but prefers ones that don't require her to get too close to her enemy.


Merrit thinks of Xael as a younger sibling and she's trying to get him to be more confident. She is also close friends with Kyukyoku. She also mentioned once that she has two cousins in the City, but their names are unknown. So are the whereabouts of Merrit's parents. One of her goals is to find them.


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