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Mi Mi

Mi Mi is a young mage who is currently in Res' care.

Appearance & Personality

Mi Mi has grayish-pastel pink hair that she keeps in pigtails tied with bright ribbons. Her eyes are a deep gold color. She has pale skin and has a very small and narrow frame which makes her look much younger than she actually is. She tends to wear somewhat impractical dresses and shoes, which really gets on Res' nerves.

Mi Mi is very quiet and modest. Usually she stays behind Res and let's him do the talking. She isn't very skilled at having conversations and is actually very self-conscious.

Abilities & Powers

She doesn't use any regular weapons, but she does have a small staff that she uses to channel her powers. She is well versed in all areas of standard magic and is still trying to learn more. She also has two swords that she's stored some of her powers in, one is called Heatseeker, and the other is Heartsworn.


Res is her closest friend as well as her caretaker. Zennith is her older brother who doesn't speak to her often.


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