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Michael had clean cut dark brown hair and hazel colored eyes. He was somewhat tall for a nineteen-year-old, and had a lanky frame. He was usually seen in a stereotypical doctor's outfit.


Michael was extremely dramatic and wasn't a very good doctor. He always went for the worst case scenario when someone was sick; which in most cases meant chopping off a limb. Sometimes, one can only wonder if he was so dramatic on purpose. Michael was also a very good liar, being able to decieve the crews for so long and make them think he supported them. This wasn't true, however, and he ended up commiting some horrible attacks against his fellow crew members. Eventually, his bad streak caught up with him and he was promptly punished for the back stabbing he had done.


Michael was a human and had no powers. He also did not fight. Instead, he adopted the title of 'healer' when, really, he couldn't do any healing at all.


He didn't really have any relations. Any ties that he may have had were promptly cut off when his true nature was revealed.


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