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Michael is one of the Lord's seven archangels and is the commander of Heaven's Standing Army. He is also considered the leader of the archangels and Heaven's cover boy.


Michael has a fair complexion and soft brown hair. His hair is long enough to braid and goes down to just above his navel. He is about 5 feet 9 inches (175 centimeters) tall and is lean, with a good amount muscle as expected from someone with his job. He often wears casual clothes, or his armor depending upon the situation.


Michael is extremely confident in himself as well as his soldiers' abilities to defend the Lord's ideals. He naturally takes charge in crisis situations and is capable of remaining level headed in times of stress. He is also considerably intelligent and works well with numbers and strategy. Despite his willingness to defend Divine Law at even the cost of his life, he doesn't believe in the extremist ideals held by the Council and the former Virgin Mary. He is much more accepting of rival religions, LGBT rights, and the damned.

Powers and Abilities

Due to being a full-blooded angel, and one of the most decorated at that, Michael is immortal. Star shots have no effect on him since they are made of divine essence much similar to his own. Michael is also capable summoning three different blades, each representing one of the Holy Trinity.


Michael was the first archangel, or angel in general, ever created. Therefore he was given a lot of responsibility, but ultimately specializes in fighting. He was also tasked with fighting Lucifer and banishing him to Hell, an act he now regrets. This was what ultimately led to him losing his blind faith regarding the Council and even God depending.


Michael was very close to Gabriel as well as Jophiel. He currently seems to have a sort of rivalry going on with Raphael. Michael treats Innes like a younger brother and works very hard to keep him happy and safe.


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