Midori is Noemi and Zoro's second daughter and takes a lot after the person her father seemingly used to be.


Midori (Indigo Fire)

Midori looks a lot like Zoro, having his green hair and a slight tan. She has his hazel but mostly green eyes and fights with santoryu (three sword style) just like her father once used to. She keeps her third sword on her back and her other two on her belt (when she practices). She is a human unlike her mother but is still very powerful for a child and used to fight with the crew in battle. Now in days, Midori looks like your average student at a DD school.


Midori is very mature and acts like the oldest even though she was born second out of all of Noemi's children. She is quiet and prefers not to give her parents and the crew a hard time, so she is not a member of the Cookie Pirates. Midori is also peaceful and doesn't take after Noemi very much She is intelligent and does very well in school, and has already learned the entire Japanese language on the side of her studies. She is an impressive girl for her age and continues to strive for great achievements in life, despite the man her father has turned into. Midori was hit very hard when Zoro turned abusive towards his family; especially since the two were close before he was institutionalized.

Abilities & Powers

Midori uses santoryu while fighting, but doesn't fight anymore since the War is over. Midori was one of the children who fought during the War and has not forgotten her training. She goes to regular school but practices her skills in the gym in Indigo Fire headquarters, planning to join the fencing team when she is older. She is human, but was still one of the best fighters of all the children on Noemi's crew during the few battles in the War that the younger members participated in.



Midori is Noemi and Zoro's daughter. She has a few friends at school but keeps mostly to herself. She is learning to open up more, though, and has been healing from the tragedies the family faced by talking to her mother about how she feels.



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