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Monkey D. Luffy

Monkey D. Luffy is a member of Noemi's Crew and is the captain of the Straw Hat pirates from One Piece.
Luffy 1


Luffy has scruffy, short black hair and is on the short side. He looks physically weak but is actually extremely strong. He is famously known for his Straw Hat which Shanks passed down to him, and the Marines in One Piece all refer to him as "Strawhat Luffy". He has a bounty on his head for '400,000,000 berries'. Luffy has a small scar under his left eye in which he inflicted on himself to try to prove to Shanks and his crew that he could become a pirate. He also has another scar on his chest in the shape of a giant "X". Luffy wears a red vest and yellow sash around his waist, as well as blue shorts and generic brown sandals. He's known for his "D Grin" in which anyone from the D family is known for. It is unknown what the "D" in his name stands for.
Luffy 2

Gear Second

Luffy 3

Gear Third


Gear Four

Gear Four

Luffy 4

Luffy's famous grin

He has a rather goofy and playful attitude and is quite childish. Luffy is mostly oblivious to most serious matters and likes playing games and pranks when he's not fighting, though do not let this deceive you. If you get Luffy angry or hurt his nakama in any way, a shadow will pass over his eyes and you'll be in for it. Anyone who hurts Luffy or his friends pretty much has a destined death wish, as he will stop at nothing to get payback. He has an undying love for meat, and much like Zoro is to alcohol, he will prefer meat over water. Luffy is also known for being a terrible artist and his comical drawings are often extremely inaccurate. 

Abilities & Powers

He possess the power of haki and is made of rubber from a Devil Fruit he ate, so he is extremely strong. Luffy has defeated countless powerful enemies and fought gallantly in the great battle of Marineford. People are often deceived by his size, but Luffy can pack a powerful punch and is one of the strongest fighters on Noemi's crew. He has different said "gears" for his haki. In Gear Second, his skin has a pink hue and he releases steam, also making his heart beat faster. Mostly, it's an adrenaline rush and he can move faster and hit harder. Gear Third allows him to turn parts of his body huge like a giant's, but after a few attacks he shrinks to a tiny size before eventually returning to his normal self. Gear Four allows Luffy to combine the other three gears and is basically unstoppable in this form. Luffy also has Aramount haki, which lets him turn himself or parts of himself to a material harder than steel. All haki-abilities require a lot of energy though, so Luffy cannot fight with them for a long time. His only downside is that his Devil Fruit took away his power to swim and his is weak to the material sea prism stone.



Luffy is dating Nami, the navigator of the Straw Hat pirates and a member of Noemi's Crew. His father is known to be Monkey D. Dragon with his mother being currently unknown. He has two adoptive brothers, Ace and Sabo. His
Luffy 5

Luffy when he's angry

grandfather is Monkey D. Garp, a marine.


  • "I'm gonna kick your ass!"
  • "Sanji! Bring me more meat!"
  • "Do mermaids poop?"


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