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Moriko (or Mori) is one of Noemi's daughters who has a variety of nature-based powers. Her name means "child of the forest" in Japanese.



I made this on Rinmaru, it looks almost exactly like her. This is the most accurate picture on this page, probably.

Moriko has her father's light green hair which she always keeps brushed nicely and tan skin with freckles, along with a bit of a blush to her cheeks. She likes to wear flowers in it all the time and also has a pair of spiky-looking but fluffy, soft, green ears that stick up along with a stubby green tail similar to a bear's. These were acquired when she met nature spirits in the forest who gave her gifts. Mori usually wears pretty kimonos and dresses, as well as tribal clothing from her grandfather's Indian tribe, and robes of various shades of green. Most of her clothes are somewhat camouflaged with a pretty twist to them for show. She braids her long hair in many different ways and she has bright yellow-green eyes. Moriko usually has birds and other small animals walking around with her, sitting on her head, or perched on her arm that she attracts during her time in the forest.


Moriko is very mellow and calm, as well as shy. Ever since the first day she wandered into the woods behind the yard, she spends a majority of her time there. She likes the peaceful, calmness of nature and because of this doesn't like venturing into the city much. Mori gets extremely uncomfortable in places with polluted air

Moriko 3

and lots of industrialization, choosing not to go to public school in order to keep in nature as well. Moriko does, however, keep herself updated with the rest of the world and does not like to fall back on news. She is a bit aloof at times and does a lot of wandering. She is said to get lost in daydreaming often and can stare at the same river or the same tree for hours without moving. Moriko also had a napping habit and can be found sleeping on beds of moss or in very tall trees without waking up for awhile if she is tired. She can also communicate with animals and knows the ones in the forest very well. When she cannot go into the woods, she stays in the garden. Moriko is in the garden to such an extent that Noemi warns Jamie to be careful when tending the flowers in case Mori is sleeping under them.

Abilities & Powers

Mori has a lot of nature powers. She is a suspected earth elemental, but no one really knows how she inherited her powers. She was seen moving dirt around to plant flowers without using her hands, as well as making plants grow on her own. She can also turn into a sort of forest spirit-creature, but this has only

Moriko 2

happened once. Now only her stubby ears and tail remain. Moriko talks to the forest sprites, animals, and nature souls wandering the woods. It is said that she was destined for a life in the forest, especially after her sister Alkaline died. There is a lot of speculation on what kind of potential the child really has; but most leave her to her business. She is virtually harmless and doesn't use any of her magic or powers for fighting. Moriko mostly tends to the forest and plays with the animals in her free time when she is not doing her home-school work or helping the tribe.



The story of how Moriko got her powers is a very complicated tale to tell. Even today, no one really knows what happened that day, only that she crawled out a top floor window as a young toddler and she recalls simply floating down to the ground like a leaf. Moriko remembers crawling into a forest and meeting spirits in the woods; which her grandfather Izzamer says are the same ones his tribe worships. The spirits gave her the nature gifts she has today, and some wonder if she will be the nature Guardian after Bambi, or at least his assistant. Supposedly, the spirits took some of Lotus's nature powers when she still held all the Guardian powers and were waiting for someone innocent and not tainted by the war to give them to. The spirits also claim they were killed by Lotus, but this is a very vague story due to no one else witnessing this phenomenon. After wandering the forest for awhile, Moriko was found by her panicked mother who was also furious with her father for leaving the window open and taken back to her crib. After this, Moriko always wanted to be outside. Sometimes she wouldn't eat unless Noemi fed her in the garden or she wouldn't go to bed without looking at the evening stars on the porch first. Still, there is a lot of speculation on Moriko's powers within the family, but most just let her continue her peaceful life since she is harmless.


Mori is close to her brother Bambi, her aunt (who is more like cousin or sister to her) Nagisa, her grandfather Izzamer, her sisters Chiyuki and Iji, her great-aunt Swift, her grandfather's tribe and the animals, and she also has a fondness for Ban. She also likes playing in the yard with Lady Red and fascinating Noctre with her powers, as well as talking to various tree and plant spirits.

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