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Moxidius is run by a Mutualistic-Dictatorship. This may sound cruel, giving some an image of North Korea, but this form of government greatly differs from a plain Dictatorship. A Mutualistic-Dictatorship consists of self-appointed officials who invest themselves in a particular field of the country’s inner workings. These officials try their best to do things that would benefit the majority of the population. They model many of their decisions after American government and policies, yet there are no official elections by the people to decide upon matters.

Currently there are three main leaders, Noemi Li Roux, Dreyus Rendeev, and Foxglove Verendix. They each are in charge of a specific aspect of the country, or division, Military, Law, and Social Services, respectively. Each of these main officials, let’s call them Mutualists for the sake of things, then appoint their own co-leaders and officials to oversee finer aspects of their division. Even though the Mutualists communicate with one another and are generally on good terms, their sectors do not tend to overlap. You won’t see Noemi Li Roux really getting involved with any of the Social Services’ projects, unless it involves the safety of the population.

Also, if you were wondering what if division encompasses, here is a quick overview:

Division What it Encompasses
Military Police Force
National Security
The Military (Individuals prepped to fight in case of a second war)
Law The Judicial System
Law Making
Checks and Balances (The process of making sure an official isn't corrupt)
Social Services Rebuilding Efforts
Child Care
Social Benefits (Welfare, ect.)
Anything else that involves the public and it's well-being


Moxidius’ culture greatly resembles the common fads of Reality. Currently, since the Mox is still fairly new, the country is still attempting to build its own culture and national identity. So for the time being it borrows many of its trends from Reality. Still, culture is extremely varied due to Moxidius’ turbulent past as well as its high influx of Conscious. The Mox actually has the highest concentration of Reality Conscious, and also has one of the biggest populations at the moment. So many different cities or towns can actually have sub-cultures that make them stand out from the rest, such as Daegon gives off a bit of a ‘Hood’ vibe, whereas The City seems a bit more normal and basic.

The racial culture of the Mox is widely varied. There is a high concentration of experiments, as well as magic-users, and even ‘fictional’ characters. Almost every sort of race can be found within this country. Even ethnically, the backgrounds are still very diverse. This is, again, due to the high influx of Reality Conscious.


Moxidius consists mostly of flat terrain, with a few notable lakes sprinkled in. There are also a plethora of portals on the eastern side near and in Energy City. Some areas of Moxidius are still war-scarred and many areas are in the process of

Anime-city 00175881

recovering. The Seam is probably the most barren part of the country, and multiple cleanup efforts are ongoing there. As for the cities themselves, many resemble large Reality cities and quite urban.

Also the subject of Moxidius’ capitol is debatable. Many would simply say it’s the Capitol, but even as large as it may be, it isn’t the absolute hub of political and recreational activity.
City Skyline

Personally speaking, there are technically three main cities within the Mox, Energy City, Daegon, and The City. Each of these cities is the main residence of one of the Mutualists (Li Roux, Verendix, and Rendeev, respectively) and upon close inspection one can see that each city does reflect its Mutualist’s division. Energy City has a high presence of military force, Daegon is currently undergoing many restoration efforts, and the City is primarily low in crime.

The War

Moxidius was the hardest hit country during the war. It was Lotus’ main place of residence and is littered with many of her old labs and facilities. Many areas of the country still bear the marks of her wrath, as well as the people living within it. For almost two decades the Mox (then known simply as the West) tried their hardest to resist her tyranny after the Elders broke apart. But, with her being an angel and having a wide array of highly developed powers, she easily suppressed the population and threw the country into deep anarchy.

During her reign law was meaningless unless it benefited her. This made Moxidius highly dangerous and many people were forced to learn to fight and carried weapons or armed themselves with powers. Then, during December of 2014 the fight grew dire. Noemi Li Roux is credited with the vanquishing of Lotus, but people shouldn’t forget the crews that helped to defend their cities and who were able to aid Noemi and bring her to the finish line.


As previously mentioned, there are many different races within the Mox and many are magically inclined. At the moment magic still is a large part of daily life and is widely used by those who have abilities. Many use it to get to work or to obtain specific things. There aren’t any strict regulations on the use of magic in public and it is generally understood that powers shouldn’t be used to perform any illegal deeds. It is illegal, however, to simply purchase a power. This prevents people from becoming extremely overpowered or keeps citizens from getting expelled from the dimension. Magic is commonly used by police forces to apprehend criminals, so everything easily balances out.

Foreign Relations

Moxidius has no legitimate legal ties to any other countries. They have no alliances, and no declared enemies.


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