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Myro has long, straight, white-blonde hair that hangs to her waist and large dark green eyes. Myroshina had been pretending to be boy for the entire three years the Off Gridders had known her. But in actuality, she is a relatively pretty girl who went to great lengths to keep her true gender a secret.



She is a very perverted fan and clings to Aaron. She also never takes no for an answer. She is extremely stubborn and determined as well as sly and vengeful. If anyone were to hurt her Aaron-san death would most likely follow. She can also seamlessly blend into the background when necessary. (Like when she's taking extremely personal pictures) But if she upsets Aaron-san she can become extremely apologetic and at times can be a regular bashful teenager.


Myroshina is human and has no powers. But she can easily strangle people with her bare hands and can even tear off limbs, despite her weak appearance.

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She is hopelessly in love with Aaron, even though she knows very well he isn't interested. She obsesses over most of the Off Gridders at times. Bailey is also a close friend of hers and she seems to be a friend of Zennith's as well. Maybe she's even a little more than a friend.



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