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Nagisa is the daughter of Shanks and Makino and Noemi's half-sister.



Nagisa has mostly blonde hair with streaks of green and red mixed in. She has dark green eyes and cat ears and a tail as well as a few freckles, scales, and a few scars on her face, all of which are left over from when Lotus experimented on her. She is very thin with senstive, pale skin and has a weak heart so she needs to take medicine to keep it under control.


Nagisa is quite sensitive about this and doesn't like her mother much for how rude she is. Makino doesn't really understand dd and longs to go back to the One Piece world, so she doesn't pay much mind to Nagisa. Since she is young, Nagisa stays at home and is homeschooled. She has a rare power so she doesn't go out alone in case people try to kidnap her. Nagisa stays in the garden or the woods with the animals or Izzamer, Starr, and Moriko. Her favorite pastime is playing with her earth powers and growing flowers and plants at her own will. Overall Nagisa tries her best at things and is a bit shy, tending to stay out of the way as much as she can. Nagisa is pretty reserved.

Abilities & Powers

Nagisa 2
Nagisa is an earth elemental and is a neko. She was experimented on by Lotus, hence the earth elemental power and usually stays in Indigo Fire's garden or the woods with the animals to get away from her mother. She's learning to use her powers but doesn't fight and for the most part just uses her powers to amuse herself. She was born after the War and doesn't like to discuss the topic because of Lotus. Overall she does well with her lessons online and doing a lot better from her condition with all the fresh air she takes in.


Nagisa was born still, but Lotus dug up her grave and used earth elemental DNA that she had saved to make Nagisa one. She had make a few mistakes with the experiment, however, and Nagisa had many deformities before Noemi healed her and did her best to make her look normal. Lotus had attempted to turn Nagisa into yet another heir, but her big sister rescued her before Lotus could age Nagisa and brainwash her.


This picture isn't completely accurate. Her ears aren't as wolf-like, those two pieces of hair by her ears always grow out green, and her hair in general isn't as wild as that.


Nagisa is Noemi's half sister. She is close to her twin brother Nobu, as well as her half-brother Noeru and Noemi's daughter Moriko. She also likes to walk in the woods with Izzamer and Starr from time to time. Nagisa has also encountered Ban in the woods and has developed a fondness for him.



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