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Nala, current


Nala is one of Noemi's adopted daughters. After Noemi split up with Zoro, Nala took Noemi's maiden name. Noemi named her after a character in the Lion King ironically since they had to come up with a good name for the girl after rescuing her from Loyalists who strapped her to a bomb and left her on Indigo Fire's doorstep as a baby.


Nala has tan skin and has developed freckles since she was a baby. She has long blonde hair and lion ears and a tail. Her hair has also become curlier and she has become more optimistic since she was younger. Nala wears her signature lavender glasses and likes to put her hair in elaborate braids. She wears a more "girly" style of clothes and puts a good amount of time into her appearance.


Nala has somewhat of an attitude and mostly lives out a normal life going to school and being home with her family. She has a nice group of friends at school and also likes to hang out with her siblings. Many see her and picture a basic outline of a girl her age living in DD, she has a lot of hidden emotions from when she was told of her past. Sometimes Nala has anxiety attacks and can't be around weapons or explosives. The smell of gunpowder makes her faint and seeing bombs sets her off into tears or panic attacks. Overall, she is strictly a Pacifist and does not engage in violence, even if she can get an angry attitude from time to time. Some find her intimidating and sometimes she can come off as cross, but on the inside she is quite the opposite and likes to stay strong.

Abilities & Powers

Nala is a pure-blood lion were, but doesn't really use the power. She is very sharp and bright-minded. Nala has incredible focusing strength and does very well in school. She has claimed she wants to be a lawyer when she grows up to be able to serve proper justice to criminals without hurting them physically and is greatly encouraged to pursue this career by Noemi and her Aunt Neith.



Nala, younger

Nala was the daughter of unknown parents. They were most likely cult Loyalists who were brainwashed into thinking her sacrifice was noble. Otherwise, she might have been stolen from an innocent family or orphanage, but she ended up in the hands of Loyalists all the same. They strapped bombs to her while she was just a tiny baby and left her on the doorstep of Indigo Fire in the arms of Raccie. Raccie's father was a known Loyalist who lead the attack. The adults were chased off or arrested, but no blood connections were determined between any of them and Nala. Raccie was adopted by T. J. and Regan, but Noemi decided to take the young lion were into her care to raise her as her own. Ever since Nala saw the security video of herself nearly being blown up by the bomb Noemi flung off of her during the attack and seeing the Loyalists when she searched through old files in HQ's security log, she has never been able to stand violence. She gets PTSD from seeing weaponry/bombs and cannot be near either. She is a Pacifist and also gets anxiety attacks from time to time. However, she mostly lives a normal life and has gotten a great deal better in the company of her adoptive mother and Aunt Neith, as well as her grandfather Lione. She sees her new family, primarily the feline and lion weres as her pride/pack and stays very loyal to her rescuers.


Nala has a lot of friends and school and likes being with her siblings as well. She is close to her grandfather Lione, her Aunt Neith, and Noemi. She likes to visit Africa in DD with her grandfather to be in the peaceful Savanna and has also done environmental work to help restore it.


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