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Nami is the navigator of the Straw Hat pirates and is on Noemi's crew.


Nami has striking orange hair and soft taupe eyes. She has fair skin and an hourglass body type. Nami also has a purple tattoo on her left arm of a pinwheel and a tangerine, which symbolizes items from her childhood. She grew up adopted by a Marine woman named Bellamere and grew up with her adopted sister Nojiko. When the Fishman Pirates invaded her village, her beloved mother was shot since she could not pay the tax to live. Although her past was tragic, Nami fought hard through her childhood to earn enough money to free her village from the pirates.


Now in days she has a fiery spirit and a sassy attitude. Nami won't take anything from anyone and she plays a big part in keeping her crew members in line. She isn't afraid to clobber someone if they're goofing off and will take charge in desperate situations. Although this is true, Nami loves to relax and enjoys leisure when she can get it.

Abilities & Powers

Nami is a ship's navigator, map-maker, and fighter. Her main weapon is the Clima-tact, a rod invented by Usopp that can channel weather-related attacks. She can use it in battle to literally make it rain, thunder, or snow on her opponents, as well as create dark clouds, lightning, and balls of heat and cool air. She does not have much physical
Nami 2
strength though, and relies on the other crew members for brute force.



Nami is dating Luffy and is Shanks' daughter. She gets along well with Robin and the other girls on the crew, but many of the male crew members are afraid of her from all the time she has whacked them on the head for stepping out of line.



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