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Nao Vercalis

Nao is Noemi's younger sister and the mother of Ursarus Lupian's two daughters, Lusa and Ursalia.


Nao has long black hair and green eyes. She has big black angel wings and scars adorning her body left over from when Lotus experimented on her. She also has black wolf ears and is unnaturally tall and thin.


She does smile more often now and tries her best to be friendly. Nao has greatly improved over time since Noemi found her and changed her from evil to good. Nao is very quiet now, as opposed to the sassy and rude attitude she once had serving as Lotus's heir. She is sweeter now and also likes spending her time playing the electric bass for Noemi's band, Pure Infinity Insanity, as well as being with her boyfriend Franky and bonding with her daughters and father. Nao is close to the crew now and loves her family very much. She still mourns her husband Ursarus, who was killed by Lotus; but tries to focus more on raising their children like he would have wanted.

Abilities & Powers

Nao is an angel, wolf were, and shadow elemental. She is the co-queen of the Darkness Kingdom under her sister Noemi, now and helps their brother Kuro attend to royal duties when Noemi cannot do them herself. (Which is often.) She is a great listener and good to talk to if you have a problem or just need to let off steam with a good rant. Nao is very observant and tries to be a good mother. Another ability of her's is playing the electric bass. She is the lead bassist in the band and likes to practice with Andrew and Akira.



Nao is Noemi's sister, Izzamer's daughter, Lusa and Ursalia's mother, Ursarus's widow, and the lead bassist of Pure Infinity Insanity.




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