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Natsu Li Roux


Noemi's only older sister who's name means "summer" in Japanese.


Natsu has reddish-brown and red hair that is a bit short on either side from when she used to buzz down the sides, but she still has a small braid on the left side. She has cat ears and a tail and bright green eyes; as well as two ear-piercings in both her human ears that usually hold plain studs. Natsu also has tanned skin and is usually seen with either a neutral look on her face or a shy smile. She wears the colors of The Pyro Army and works training soldiers and offering support to the ones who were mentally and physically affected by the War.


Over time her fiery attitude has faded and Natsu has become more reserved and quiet. Sometimes she daydreams and gazes out the window for hours on end and appears to have many thoughts on her mind. The War changed Natsu greatly, but it helped her grow. These days, she just tries her best to help out with the army and enjoys the fact that the anarchy from Lotus's reign is over.

Abilities & Powers

Natsu is a fire elemental, a were, and she has basic light powers as well as a fire sword. She doesn't fight much outside the work she does with the army since the War is over. Natsu has a job counseling soldiers who had a hard time in the war and giving her support to those who need it. She does a lot of volunteer work and strives towards helping Moxidius rise back to it's glory. During the War itself she helped Noemi's Crew fight and contributed to the Rebellion by leading soldiers to fight. Overall she is also very caring and gentle, always there to listen if someone wants to talk to her or just get something off their chest. A lot of people respect her and she is considered a very important part of the crew.



Natsu is Noemi's older sister and dating Ace, another member of Noemi's crew.


  • "Wake up, Captain Freckles!!!~"


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