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A girl who has similar hair to Neith

Neith is second youngest of Noemi and their siblings, but is also that one scary relative you don't want to mess with.


Neith has short blonde hair and golden-amber eyes. Neith is also a lion were. She is the tallest of the sisters and has broad shoulders with a curvy, muscular body. (She could snap Kyoya in half if she wanted to.) Neith resembles a mountain lion or cougar in some aspects, hence her middle name. She also has a tiny scar of the left side of her lip.


Neith is very sweet and is protective of her family and the crew. She has shown that she will do anything to protect them. Although, living almost in isolation from society on the mountain, Neith is slightly oblivious to modern living. She doesn't speak very good English, but she is getting better.
Neith 2

Abilities & Powers

Nieth is a lion were with super strength. From living on the snowy mountain, Neith adapted to life outside. She developed many survival skills such as hunting, basic weapon-making, sewing, fighting, and also got used to being in extreme heat and cold. She lived among animals and a mountain tribe, learning to tame and talk to them, as well as fight. From living under these conditions, Neith also became extremely strong. She's stronger than she thinks she is and could possibly give literal bone-crushing hugs if she wasn't aware. She's one hell of a fighter, living with a branch of Izzamer's tribe before all but her were killed by a bad winter. She's the Ronda Rousey of Indigo Fire and has the appearance of a scary viking-like lady, but Nieth doesn't fight unless she has to.



Neith is one of Noemi's sisters.


  • "I crush annoying fangirls for you?"


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