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Robin 2

Robin is the archeologist of the Straw Hat pirates and a strong fighter for Indigo Fire.


Robin is a tall, curvy woman with long blue-black hair and blue eyes. She usually appears to have a small,

mysterious smile or an unreadable face. Robin usually wears her long, coral pink skirt and a zip-up blue cropped shirt with a pair of sunglasses resting on her head. She will switch outfits accordingly and does like dresses as well.


She is a very quiet and secretive person, and one can never guess what she's thinking. Although Robin isn't very talkative, she is usually friendly and can be bonded with. She is very wise and studies the history of One Piece as well as dd. Robin can be a little dark from time to time, this is seen in the anime as well.

Abilities & Powers

Robin has eaten the Flower Flower fruit, which allows her to sprout extra limbs anywhere she wants and control them.


Robin is best friends with Chopper and close to most of the other members of the crew. She is a bit reclusive, however.


"I sure hope they haven't frozen to death or been attacked by snow monsters."


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