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One of Noemi and Zoro's daughters from the fifth litter. Her name means rainbow in Japanese.



Niji could very much be classified as a very unique-looking child. She has mostly purple black hair with one orange cat ear and one green one with locks of purple, orange, and green. She has three tails, one orange, one green, and one purple. Niji has one amber eye and one green-hazel one, as well as tanned skin like her father. Overall, she does not have the appearance of an average child and looks the way she does because of her mother's genetics.


Niji embraces this uniqueness though, and loves to wear colorful clothes that clash with her hair and eye colors, despite comments like being called a "walking fashion disaster" by other students at her school. She is sweet and very lovable, and sometimes finds it hard to focus since she is distracted pretty easily. Niji is known for stopping mid-sentence and running over to the window to observe a chirping bird or a butterfly flapping by with her eyes wide, ready to pounce. It is a catlike instinct due to her being a were, but Niji cannot often suppress it and sometimes spends hours gazing out at the birds in the trees instead of focusing on her schoolwork. Despite this, she does try hard in school and hopes to collage one day.

Abilities & Powers

Niji is a feline were and is trained in swords and knives. Niji is one of the children who grew up during the War and fought with the crew when she had to. These days Niji doesn't fight since she is a child, but hasn't forgotten her skills. She uses her sharp aim and cat's eye to find the golden snitch while playing Quidditch at school as the Hufflepuff Seeker. She is a fire and shadow elemental as well, and a magic-user. She attends Hogwarts Elementary like a few of her other siblings and is learning to use her powers.



Niji is shy but is good friends with Shen and is close to her parents and tries to be social with the other children on the crew. Mostly, she sticks around her siblings and cousins at school and her friends in the Hufflepuff house.



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