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Ninja is one of Noemi Li Roux and Zoro's sons from the third litter.



Ninja has purple-black hair and his mother's amber-yellow eyes with big cat ears and a thin tail. He is quite pale and is usually always seen wearing traditional ninja outfits equipped with his weapons. Though this is true, he almost never reveals himself. Most people have never seen his entire face, and when he isn't wearing ninja clothes, he covers up with bandanas and hats and his hair as so not to be viewed. Any enemies he has fought that have been taken prisoner often say that all they remember seeing was the flash of his golden eyes glaring into their's as he attacked them.


He is sneaky and clever, also quiet like a ninja and is never heard or seen when attacking. He got the idea to be a ninja from the various movies he watched as a kid and decided to adapt it as his fighting style and live up to his name. He hopes to be a commander in The Arcanus Army when he grows up.

Abilities & Powers

Ninja has been trained to be a ninja (hence the name) and has taken on sneaky and clever characteristics.



He is one of Noemi and Zoro's sons and is close to his parents, but keeps mostly to himself.



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