Nishi (Indigo Fire)

Nishi Li Roux

Nishi is the second youngest of Noemi and her sisters. Her name means "west" in Japanese.


Nishi has three different hair colors. She has dirty blonde mostly, lighter blonde in the back, which she keeps in a pony tail, and a bit of orange in the front too. She is an angel and a neko were. She often has an aura of kittens (note the kitten plushie on her shoulder in the picture) and hearts from her happy personality. (Noemi can hardly believe that they are related.) Nishi wears a pink or electric green tube top mostly all the time and also wears a white coat when it's cold.


Nishi is usually ALWAYS happy and has a high-pitched chipmunk-like voice which can always be pointed out in a crowd. This is the same voice Sanji (her boyfriend) goes crazy over. Nishi has a dark side though and knows how to do some pretty crazy shit with knives... Don't get her mad. These days the violent streak as pretty much been extracted from her and she could be classified as many would call a "basic bitch". She doesn't do much other than waste money going to Starbucks and the mall with her friends and buying outfits for her children and her pomeranian dog.
Nishi's dog

She puffs up her dog's fur like this and keeps it in her purse like a stereotypical white girl. However cute that dog may be, it bites Noemi on a regular basis.

Abilities & Powers

Nishi is an angel and a cat were. She knows a bit about knives but she doesn't do anything with them anymore. Nobody's sure if she has a real job since she claims she's a professional "selfie-taker" and usually just goes to various Starbucks and mall stores with her friends and also spoils her children.



Nishi is engaged to Sanji, the cook on Noemi's Crew. She is Noemi's younger sister. They have three children, Mishi, Zeffa, and Sanji Junior.


  • "Eat glitter, stupid head!"
  • "They're friendship bracelets!"
  • "I do have a job! I'm a professional selfie-taker!"


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