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Nixie is one of Aaron and Ryule's adopted children. She has butterfly wings and hopes to be an ecologist one day.


Nixie has shoulder-length, minty-green hair that she usually keeps in pigtails. Her eyes are bright hazel color. She also has butterfly wings which are patterned like a monarch's, but instead of being orange and black they are black and blue.

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Nixie is very bright and caring. She can always be found smiling and laughing and tends to view life with a positive outlook. She's a bit of a typical young girl and is still extremely innocent. Her and Aliska are very similar personality wise. She's also very interested in nature and Ban teaches her sometimes when he has free time.


Nixie is part butterfly, therefore she has a set of butterfly wings and is currently learning how to fly with them. She also loves sweet things because she's part butterfly.


Aaron and Ryule are her dads. She is very close to Aliska and Alissa. Her siblings are Seyzmon, Aliska, Sadao, Uriah, Jonas, and Dio. Reyn is technically her aunt.



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