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Noctre Van Rasser de Sombere was a man who lived in the Victorian Era of England in the Dream Dimension until he died at thirty-six. Now he is a ghost who lives inside of Noemi Li Roux's head or resides in his room in Indigo Fire Headquarters. (5th door on the 13th corridor, can't miss it.)


Noctre was a tall man with broad shoulders and a thick chest. He is about 6'2 in height and weighs virtually nothing since he is a ghost. He has golden eyes, pale, fair skin, and is a tad long in the limbs. Noctre also has wavy black hair that surrounds his face and occasionally gets in his eyes. Noctre dresses in the fashion of his time and usually wears a blue-back three-piece suit decked with royal blue ribbons and silver chains leading to various pocket-watches and mechanical devices that he kept with him at all times. He also wore thick ribbons around his neck and black gloves, as well as a variety of hats. His favorite hat, however, was a black top hat laden with royal blue ribbons and hanging silver and platinum beads. He usually wore polished black leather boats upon his feet with silver clasps, a matching leather belt, and always kept the same gold tie pin in his scarves or tie that was passed down in his family for generations. He was always dressed to aristocratic lengths seeing that he was the mayor of a very large town and came from a family with noble blood. (Although Noctre did not see why, fancy clothes are quite uncomfortable.)


Personality-wise, Noctre is seen as a very polite gentleman. Even if he is a ghost, he thinks of 'spooking' living people and going around causing trouble as very unrefined and poltergeist-ish. Noctre is very fond of the living and does not like it when they are afraid of him for no reason. He is a friendly man and is always fascinated by modern things and the antics of the living. If his country is at risk, though, his old fighting spirit emerges and he always likes to help Noemi as much as he can when it comes to tracking down criminals or terrorists. He has a strong sense of justice that cannot be swayed in many circumstances. He also has a bit of a fondness for wanting to blow up enemies and is suspected to be slightly pyromanical and a bit of an arsonist when it comes to dealing with enemies.... Hence why he is not in charge of fighting. Though this is true, he does understand that not everyone wants him around and spends many lonely afternoons in his room or occupying his mistress Noemi's head. Otherwise, Noctre has become a bit laid back since his death and since he does not have responsibilities anymore can get very bored being alone all day.

Abilities & Powers

Noctre is a ghost, so the most he can do is pass through objects and possess things. While he was alive, he was a human, as were many people in his town back in his era. He was the mayor of Birchwood Bridgetown and was highly respected among the citizens who lived there. Going down in history as one of the best mayors the town had ever seen, Noctre was very pleased with his life helping out to make the town better until the Redemption Killer struck and in the end committed nine murders. After this he was powerless and doomed to wander the dimension in search of his family members for eternity.


Noctre had a wife named Elena Van Rasser de Sombere and his daughter is Leet. Also, he fought in wars before and during his time as mayor. He survived and did not receive any severe injuries during battles. He was murdered later on in life at the age of 36, however. His killer, named the Redemption Killer did not like Noctre's family for their powers and snuck into his mansion while his wife was having a baby shower and murdered him as well as eight of the guests before the police arrived and shot the killer dead. After this, Noctre became a powerless ghost, roaming Purgatory and the dimension searching for his wife and child. He never found his wife but eventually it was discovered that Leet was his daughter, and to this day Noctre has not seen his wife since his death on February 29th, 1877.


These days, he occupies his mistress Noemi's head and is friends with of a few other ghosts living on corridor 13 including Luke, Lady Red, and Lotus. He is also friends with Jamie and Aaron. His wife, Elena, has died but his daughter Leet's is still alive. Currently, Noctre is dating Eros.


  • "I have no intention of sticking my goods in any mail-slots."


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