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Noemi is the crew leader of Indigo Fire and a leader of a great many other things as well. Noemi is also the queen of Darkness and the Moxidian leader of the military and the leader of the Singulis Kingdom which is home to experiment ponies from Equestria who were not accepted in society and needed a different home. In the Singulis Kingdom she is known as Queen Tenebra. She is known to her armies as Lady Umbra meaning "Lady of the darkest shadows" and in Darkness Kingdom history, her witch name is Noemi the Noxious. Her full title is Her highness and Guardian of Miracles Sargent Major-World Leader Queen Noemi Li Umbra Pyeroar Cala Vercalis Olivera Tenebra Lilith Roux of Moxidius (though she wishes that everyone call her Noemi so she doesn't sound stuck-up and well, it's a long name)(Also this might be subject to change since Noemi probably has a lot of names she is not aware of).


Noemi has long, wavy purple hair which can change color, pale skin, piercing yellowish amber eyes (color can be changed on these as well), purple cat ears, and a fluffy purple tail that can change color and shape, as well as multiply into other tails. As short goes, Noemi is definitely there at around 5 feet. She makes up for it with muscle, curves, still-soft features, and most of all her personality.

She also has many Were forms. Noemi has various scars including the ones on her face and torso and arms. There are none on her back. Noemi has both her eyebrows pierced with three holes in each eyebrow. Most of her clothes are her uniforms for the army, tunics and long robes for Darkness, and comfy/casual wear like sweatshirts and jeans for when she is home.

Specifics include a long, dark purple coat decorated with her various military medals and patches with gold trim. Noemi has a few elegant outfits too, but doesn't wear them unless it is the proper place such as in her kingdom or at a party. When she uses her powers, her appearance can change drastically.


Noemi has a bit of a wide personality, she is mostly easy going but can be intimidating. She tries to be cheerful as much as possible for everyone around her and talks quite a bit. She used to be more depressed, especially in war times and still has flashbacks and panic attacks because of all the experiences she has suffered through. Overall, her attitude is a lot better than it used to be and she is less depressed by a long shot. However, she's still upset by certain things and has somewhat of a low self-esteem meter. This doesn't stop her from making friends, though.

As things go, she's one of the more social people on the wiki and often creates strong bonds with the new people. She doesn't like to hurt or burden anyone, especially her friends. This leads her to feeling guilty when asking for things or even fearful of making simple requests. Perhaps her biggest flaw is her chronic worrying habit which can sometimes morph into a state of paranoia and also gives her anxiety. She worries needlessly over many things and often tries to help other people when she can. Noemi has also been through many failed loves and heartbreaks, which do come back to haunt her sometimes. Noemi's worst enemies are for the most part unknown, other than Lotus before Noemi killed her. Even though she is a big mixture of emotions, many people still find her company pleasing. Another notable quality about her is her ability with words as well as her being an open book about her life with people she's close to.

Abilities & Powers

Noemi is a Lunos, an Adspire, and a Telepath. Her reception to the dream dimension and in Reality is not as good as it used to be, however. Noemi has a lot of strength as the current keeper of the burden of her mother's genetically modified powers. There are over a hundred, seemingly one of each kind each doubled or tripled in strength to regular powers. Immortality is among one of the most useful to her; and her body seemingly always returns to it's healthy state even after a brutal attack. Noemi was even thrown into a wood-chipper during the war and somehow came out of the incident alive and now well. She doesn't use the majority of them in day to day life and intends for them to die with her when the time comes; hoping to put an end to her mother's power craze once and for all. Her main powers are the ones she uses the most. These include her were (primarily feline) powers, shadow channeling which is tripled, telekinesis, magic, and poison. Noemi's crew name derives from her special ability to create indigo-colored poisonous fire. As the standing queen of the Darkness kingdom, she uses a lot of magic and poison powers. This includes voodoo.

Her other royal position with the Singilus Kingdom is represented by her ability to turn into an alicorn form and use the magic inhabited there. Being the military leader of Moxidius; she uses her strength to defend the country. Noemi used to be the Guardian of Miracles and hadn't really known how the miracles worked. She tried her best with them and eventually had to give them up to save her life, and they were returned to the current God from which they were stolen from by Lotus. She is the strongest of all the experiments that Lotus created; but she doesn't take advantage of this fact unless it is in defense.

Possibly the most dangerous of her abilities is to go beyond the power level of anyone in DD. She calls it 'Level Six' and once there, her power is so strong it has the ability to burn right through most of her energy. If Noemi were to turn up her power any higher, she would explode and also tear a gigantic hole in the dimension- Wiping out acres of land around her. For this specific reason, Noemi tries her best to stay under control to avoid disasters and avoid ripping holes in the dimensional fabric.


Noemi's childhood was truly a horrific one if there ever was. For the first seven years of her life, she lived in the lavish mansion above the Infinity with two of her sisters, Natsu and Nishi. She did not go to school, instead Lotus gave the girls an education she deemed worthy for them. Most of the time, Noemi and her sisters played in the large garden outside the mansion and were overall isolated from the rest of the world. Two of Noemi's fathers, Lione and Shanks visited occasionally. When Noemi turned eight, Lotus dragged her and her sisters down into the depths of the Infinity and experimented on them heavily with Noemi as the center target, as well as committing many other immoral acts against her.

After a few torturous years in the Infinity, Natsu was taken away by Noemi's aunt and Noemi was left to prove herself as her mother's heir to save her sister Nishi. Noemi, then called Olivera or 29012, fell into insanity and succumbed to Lotus's hijacking. She briefly went over to her mother's side in the delusion that they would marry. Lotus realized soon enough that Olivera would be stronger than her and hastily tried to manifest away some of the girl's power.

The operation did not work and Lotus kept this quiet while she worked on another way to deplete her daughter's power. Olivera had since snapped out of her mother's brainwashing after the failed operation and finally saw her mother for who she truly was, plotting to kill her immediately. Lotus got to Olivera first though and tossed her over the edge of the gorge next to the mansion. Suddenly, Olivera's Aunt Maia flew by to grab her before she plummeted to the rocks and rushing water below and she lived until Nishi was rescued a few months later. During her time with Natsu and her aunt, Olivera was forced to attend Diamond Hall Academy and lasted exactly three months there. She was a hellion of a child and did not have any good experiences in school. She had violent tendencies and engaged in much self-harm unbeknownst to her aunt.

After this she was kicked out of every private school in the Diamond District and her aunt gave up on trying to send her to public school, giving her online work to do at home instead. Olivera then killed herself out of guilt for falling under her mother's trickery and planned to return to the dimension in the future after planting her soul into a body in Reality. At age twelve in Reality, seventeen years later, Noemi woke up in DD as a Reality Conscious and was no longer her past self (Olivera). She gained her memories back a few months later and was set on killing Lotus to fulfill her past life's wish and save the dimension for any more years of Lotus's tyranny. Noemi formed one of the biggest crews towards the end of the war, Indigo Fire, and lead her crew to battle alongside the others until the war was won. During her time as an active crew leader, she made many accomplishments and suffered many hardships. She does not have the same mind Olivera did and is no doubt much more sane than her child-self. After the war was won, Noemi obtained all of her mother's powers and burned the insides of all the rooms in the Infinity. She then went on to be the first leader of Moxidius, as well as queen of two kingdoms, the previous Guardian of Miracles (God, unofficially, as she only had the stolen powers for a few years unknowingly), and she is also the mother of many children and the friend of a good number of other Conscious.


Eros is one of Noemi's children and the only one on the wiki. She had many children with Zoro, five with Kyoya, and many others with some by different fathers. Noemi has seven sisters, Nishi, Natsu, Neith, Nami, Lilith, Nagisa, and Nao (previously known as Lillian) as well as two brothers, Kuro and Noeru. Shanks, Lione, Camo, and Izzamer are her biological fathers and Lotus was her mother. She has blood relations to many people though due to Lotus trying to breed perfect children. It is unclear what percentage of blood connects her to all of her family members and siblings, but she definitely has a bit of everyone who is blood-related to her. Noemi is credited with the executions of Maia and Lotus.

As friends go, Noemi ends up becoming close with most people on the wiki. Her bonds are so strong, most people are like family to her. Fox was a father figure to her for a long time but she has since settled with Orri; Aaron and Jamie are like her brothers. Sibrel, Alex Juni, Dreyus are who she sees as sisters. Zadkiel and Uriel are two of her closest friends. However, she does have bonds with many other people and the list goes on a bit too long for one page to handle.

Children: 56


  • "Watch out for the Englishman and his fork of terror!"
  • "The future is bulletproof, the aftermath is secondary...'"
  • "I need that like I need another hole in my head."
  • "Wiki, food, water, repeat."
  • "I...I can't stay off the wiki for two days! That's outrageous!"
  • "It's just skinny dipping in some lava." -Noemi, 2015
  • "SQUAWK!~ -Noemi, 2015"
  • "Does the Illuminati make you sneeze, Alex?
  • "I'M A PARSNIP" -Noemi, 2016
  • "Thanks for getting the dream tacos secured though."
  • "Cinnamon buns is a feeling now."
  • "All I've done today is watch X-Men movies and talk about bae."
  • "Zadkiel, I will give you ten pregnant disabled cats."
  • "Trust me we've had a few rude cheerios in this cereal bowl before and you aren't one of them."
  • "Is there any other facial expression for when the divine lord himself makes a cake with you?" -Noemi, 2017



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