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Noeru is one of Noemi's younger siblings and her second brother.


Noeru is a 10-year old boy with red hair and violet eyes. He has shaggy red hair and golden dragon horns, as well as matching red and gold wings. He has tanned skin and is medium height for his age. Noeru wears casual clothes like jeans and t-shirts and usually has on something anime related.


Noeru took a liking to anime when Kuro showed it to him so now he watches it all the time and likes One Piece in particular since Shanks and the Straw Hats are in it. He is a nice boy who had a rough past but enjoys his new home at Indigo Fire Headquarters. He has a mischievous side and joined the Cookie Pirates, even if he is an uncle to Noemi's children. (They see him as more of a brother or cousin.) For the most part though, Noeru is a bright boy and has a relatively positive attitude.

Noeru dragon

I couldn't find a good enough picture of him in his were form but he looks kind of like one of those Chinese dragons.

Abilities & Powers

Noeru doesn't fight since he's still a child and since the war is over; but he is a dragon were and a fire elemental. He does well in the school he goes to, though. During the War, Noeru was still very young and lived in his often drunken mother's apartment. She made him do many chores and he seemingly took care of himself. She did not treat him nicely. Noreu got past this however, but still offers to help Fawn clean up the house. He never had the urge to fight much but does take an interest in racing. He practices flying whenever he can and also likes drawing in the manga art style. He has promising talent and it's clear he will take the path of his dreams in life, no matter how many times he is discouraged.



Noeru is Noemi's brother and one of Shanks's sons. He's also a Cookie Pirate and hangs out with Purrggh and her crew a lot, as well as the other children on the crew. He is currently under Noemi's custody and Fawn watches over him when she isn't available, much like she does with the other children.



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