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She refers to herself as the teal doll to differentiate herself from her twin sister Ningyo.


Nukke is very small, measuring only four feet in height and has an unrealistically small waist, making her appear very fragile and weak. Nukke has large lavender colored eyes that are slightly too big for her face and short, straight blonde hair.Her skin is literally white and is made of fine porcelain. She is always wearing elaborate suits that are always a light shade of blue. She resembles a doll in practically every way.


Nukke is very courteous and polite, as well as quiet and respectful. She can also seem a bit emotionless at times, but has a stronger sense of humor than Ningyo. She acts much like her sister but is a bit more down-to-earth and tom-boyish. She prefers pants over dresses but still likes her clothes to be a bit on the fancy side. And she requests all her possessions be light blue.


Nukke is unable to fight, or preform many basic activities, because she is made of porcelain. It's unknown what would happen to her if she were to break, but no one wants to find out. It would most likely be very, very bad. But she still insists on learning how to throw knives, just in case. Also because she isn't made of flesh she doesn't need to eat, all she needs is an occasional nap.


Ningyo is her twin sister.



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