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Nymph is a healer/nurse on Noemi's crew. Her full name is Nymph Anne Dogwood.


Nymph looks much like her younger sister. She has dark brown hair instead of light though, but it is equally as long. She has light brown, soft eyes and a sweet smile she flashes at everyone. Nymph wears nurse's dresses or regular ones as well as flowery earrings from a set her now deceased grandmother gave her.


Nymph is a little awkward around people and shy, but she tries her best to be sociable and friendly. She is training to be a nurse under Kyoya and mostly works on the crew and in Tokoro's hospital. Her social skills have improved since she started, and she has all the qualities of a good nurse. She does get stressed out from the workload sometimes though, and finds Kyoya and the other high doctors intimidating. She has braved through a lot of intense situations, but grew up in the Diamond District and did not experience the War as many others did.

Abilities & Powers

Nymph is a healer in training as well as a nurse. She knows basic fighting skills and carries a small handgun like her sister in case of emergencies. She works for Tokoro's hospital under Kyoya and is almost a full-fledged nurse. She studies at Indigo Fire HQ when she isn't working and sometimes likes to visit home to see her family. One of her greatest assets is having a lot of patience and has borne through a lot of operations without breaking. She is intelligent and a fast-learner, and will one day go into being a military nurse.



Nymph is Fawn's older sister by three years at age 18 and dating Mel.


  • "It's just a little pinch, Noemi! Please come out of the closet so I can give you your flu shot. OH! I know! I'll give you a sticker when it's over!"


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