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The following page/section is all fanon. None of its contents actually exist in DD. Information on this page is purely for entertainment purposes and should not be taken seriously.


The following page contains spoilers for the ODAD series. It is advised that you play the games first before preceding. You have been warned.

ODAD: A Bajillion Questions is a ‘demo’ game in the Of Dreamers and the Dead series. The game also fits into the plot of ODAD, taking place after Lingz and K set off with Erzabet to Energy City. Pho is the main character of this game, not Lingz.

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Pho stumbles upon the Manhatten while on the run from Necifera and her supporters. Within the small café she meets Hatchet, Soi and Yuki, members of the Six Stars which is a resistance group aiming to take down Necifera. After a short exchange Hatchet concludes that Pho is on their side and Yuki suggests a small questioning session where Pho can get to know them all better. After Pho talks with each of the members Soi will then quiz her to see if she was actually paying attention.

Right as Hatchet is preparing to wrap things up, Pho will say she needs to use the bathroom. Hatchet is angered by Pho’s horrible timing but tells her to get it over with quickly. In the girl’s bathroom Pho will find a golden ring. You will be given the option to either take the ring or leave it where it is.

After exiting the bathroom Hatchet and the others can be found bickering over if they should leave and whether they should venture out alone or as a group. Pho quickly interjects and sways the group into splitting up and looking for Erzabet. Pho will head south and come to the bad part of town. She will note a bus stop which will be important later on, and comes across an old building covered in posters. If she chooses to go into the building she will be presented with multiple chances to turn back. If she toughs it out and doesn’t go back she will come across a room with a single table and chair and a deck of cards on the table. A ghost girl will materialize and ask Pho if she wants to play a game of Memoria. Pho will accept and you will play the game.

After the game is finished, the girl will give Pho a ring identical to the one discovered in the café bathroom. Pho will then head back to the bus stop and ultimately get her skirt wet and end up running back to the café. She will get lost on the way back and will be shot at by an unknown Necifera supporter. Scared, Pho will end up running off a cliff and will almost die. Erzabet will then save Pho and speak with her. She will offer to take her and the others to see Lingz and K in Energy City. At this point Pho will offer Erzabet a ring as compensation and the game will end.

After the credits roll, a small scene unfolds with the Indigo Commander telling someone to find the Six Stars and bring them to the Capitol.


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