Oddeses, but mostly Odd, is a mage in training and new apprentice to Noemi.


Odd is a lean young man who stands at about 5'6". He has some muscle (he's too humble to show off) and is tan-skinned. His hair is as white (which is brown in Reality) as the snow of winter, and his eyes are as blue as the sky above. He likes to wear loose fitting clothing and is seen wearing blue crystals and feathers most of the time.


Odd is a very polite and well-mannered fellow. He thinks before he acts, so he's rarely ever gotten in trouble. In reality, many describe him as the quiet, lonely student. However, they would be wrong. After school, he meets up with his personal group known as the "Hellsing Family", which has five core members, including him. When around his family, Odd is very nonchalant, although still mindful of the actions of his friends. He is so cautious that he'd a convince a policeman that his friends didn't commit a serious crime. He is very interested in Astrology and can be found reading the horoscope of his friends and allies.

Abilities and Powers

Odd is not so skilled in fighting, but since becoming Conscious, he has been showing traits of a telepath. He seemingly picked it up from his friend and "brother", Eric, who is the reason for his awakening. He has taken a liking to magic and uses his astrological beliefs to empower himself. Using items called Zodiac Stones, which are not entirely perfect just yet, Odd can affect the situation he's in. There are 12 stones that can heal others and also hurt parts of the opponent's body. He can only use one at a time and for a limited period.


Odd is Noemi's apprentice/assistant. He is also Eric's closest friend.

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