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Aaron - The leader who isn't serious AT ALL, he's also married to Ryule

Takeshi - That really cruel dude that Aaron can't get rid of

Anya - Takeshi's traitor sister

Michael - The healer that's always getting hurt

Kale Starkov - that reaper girl who can't use her scythe

Ella - the irresponsible adult

Leo - He is a ninja knight deal with it!

Sadao Horace - Aaron and Ryule's quiet son, he's also the oldest

Aliska - Aaron and Ryule's happy and kawaii daughter, she's the youngest

Seyzmon - Aaron and Ryule's confident and curious son

Ryule- Aaron's sadistic, yet loving husband

Reyn - Ryule's younger sister

Nixie - A butterfly girl who is polite yet brave, Aaron and Ryule's daughter

Uriah - Angel boy who is always chipper and optimistic, Aaron and Ryule's son

Gundham - Eccentric and mysterious dude who loves animals

Peko - World's greatest swordswoman

Kazuichi Souda - Cowardly mechanic

Mahiru - No nonsense sensible girl

Nagito Komaeda - Ultimate Lucky student, he is also very very optimistic and hopeful

Fuyuhiko - The baby gangster

Blue - A sort of brother to Aaron who is his opposite

Miku - A girly vocaloid

Gumi - A childish vocaloid

Kaito - Somewhat perverted vocaloid

Len - the serious twin

Rin - the happy twin

Gakupo - The eccentric one

Aries - Quiet blond girl with weird mythical powers

Dio - Aaron and Ryule's blood son

Jonas - One of Aaron's 'sons'

Sam - A 127 year old Daymare Angel who's like a fatherly figure to Ryule

Foxy - former animatronic, considers Aaron to be his senpai

Chica - former animatronic, is the sensible one of the group

Bonnie - former animatronic, is music obsessed and a bit out there

Freddy - former animatronic, is the oldest, the other animatronics look up to him


The Off Gridders was first known as Vector's crew, but after Vector's first death his younger brother, Aaron, took over the crew. The Off Gridders are the only order known to Daegon and work like crazy to make the city safer for those who inhabit it. They have become mostly inactive now, mostly due to Aaron settling down to start his family.


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