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Ollie is Noemi's alter-ego and also referred to as her sister. She is probably also one of the most dirty-minded people to ever walk the dream dimension.


Ollie is a human who looks almost exactly like Noemi but with short purple hair and a sneaky grin on her face.


Ollie is known for making sock puppets of people in her ships and often teases those people by making love scenes with them. She usually wears t-shirts that support her favorite ships, jeans, and is usually found holding a camera, phone, or fan-fiction book. Ollie can be good comic relief and has NO shame whatsoever. She isn't very serious, and has a very dirty mind. She is quite useless physically and mentally to the crew, but everyone keeps her around anyway.

Abilities & Powers

Ollie is physically and mentally useless, but she's a comic relief and deep down, everyone actually cares about her on the crew.



Ollie is Noemi's alter-ego and is dating Brook from the Straw Hat pirates who is also on Indigo Fire. They have one daughter together named River.


  • "There's a ship for that!"
  • "OTP!"
  • "Wait! Stay still! I have to get a picture for the internet!"
  • "Well, I'm off to write a lemon about you two!"
  • "Well children, babies are made when-ACK ACK STOP CHOKING ME NOEMI!"
  • "Do I have to bring out the sock puppets?"

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