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Orlin is a friend of Dreyus' past life, Perry.


She has blondish-brownish hair and gray eyes. Orlin is commonly wearing a scowl on her face, and rarely ever gives a good-natured smile. She tends to wear darker clothing, and refuses to wear dresses or skirts, instead opting for jeans.


She has major attitude and tends to be quick to judge. She isn't particularly friendly with most people and, more often than not, starts fights. Orlin refuses to take anyone's sweet talk and likes things to be straight to the point. Transparency is something she deeply values. With this being said, it's easy to guess how blunt she must be in nature. Depending on the person she tries her best not to be hurtful, but with others she just can't help serving them some smack talk. But Orlin does have a playful side, and can be a real tease with certain people.

Powers & Abilties

Orlin prefers to keep her weaponry low-key. She usually just uses her bare hands or, if things truly call for it, her metal bat. She is quite strong for a girl of her height and weight, but not supernaturally so. She is a regular human with no abnormal abilities whatsoever.


Orlin was the best friend of Dreyus' past life Perry, and the two were childhood friends. Orlin grew up with her mother in a stable neighborhood in The City and was close to Taven and Perry.


Orlin is one of Perry's friends, Perry being an alternate life of Dreyus'. She is also very close to Em, Taven, Nahkon and Rook. Absolutely despises people like Iris.


  • "Gotta problem?"
  • "Could you just shut your damn mouth?"
  • "I won't bite...probably."


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