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This page is simply for keeping track of places we come across in DD that aren't in Satus Beta (or are but we don't know anything about them) or the main dimensions. It's just a log of other worlds, relms, pocket dimensions, etc that we've seen or heard about.

Radix Prim- Radix Prim is an entirely other world from Satus Beta but is advanced all the same. It's complicated to get there through Satus Beta, but the action is possible. Known enemies from there are the Ganem Company, which was thankfully discovered due to the efforts of the Aereo Household, Maia, Noemi, Amber-Bazil, and a few others. As for connections, we known Aerominn and Conner from there, and Starset travels between Radix Prim and Satus Beta.

Jo's World- A small dimension created by a woman named Jo. Jamie stumbled upon it one day when he accidentally opened a portal there. It was smaller and weaker than the average dimension but was occupied by a few intimidating people in a house who had kidnapped Jamie. Thankfully, Noemi brought him back and the portal was closed. No known connection has been made with the people there since.

The Guardian Relm- A relm in which the Chosen Ones or Guardians can hang out, basically. Only Guardians can get in and the relm can be accessed when one of the Guardians themselves makes a portal to it. It has large estates for each Guardian and is currently damaged after Noemi defeated the fake Guardians who robbed the powers after Lotus died. Connection wise, Leet the Timekeeper grew up there and other Guardians such as Noemi the Miracle Maker, Aaron the Truth Teller, Jamie the Balance Keeper, Bambi the Nature Guardian (as well as Moriko, his assistant), Tokoro the Healing Guardian, Ari the Seer, Snowflake the Weather Keeper, and a few others can access the Guardian Relm.

The Unconscious World?- Supposedly *according to Sibrel* there is a world out there full of complete chaos outside of Satus Beta that some poor girl ended up in. Not much is known about the world, other than that the girl in it was chased by flying buttons with needle swords and the scenery changed every few seconds. It is suspected to be a chaotic plane full of unconscious dreams.


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