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Papricca is a shy and semi-detached seven year old who the Dreyms adopted.


Ricca has straight rust coloured hair and murky green eyes. She's a bit small for her age (8 years old) as well.


She is very shy and gets scared easily. She heavily dislikes strangers and hates being alone. She'll always ask someone to stay with her. Ricca is also very gentle and kind and hates violence.


She was one of the girls kidnapped by the Garnet Blood Brothers and who were sent to the cafe by Noemi. She arrived with Amarie, Russe, and Alissa.

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Powers & Abilities

She doesn't fight because she's too young. She is also human, therefore she has no special powers.


Her and Cinnamon are now a really cute and awkward close-friendship-couple thing. She is closest to Russe.


  • "I see my name everywhere all the time and people are always cooking with me. It's funny!" ~Something Papricca says daily


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