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She has dirty blond hair, sickly golden eyes, and half of her face is skeletal.


Peony can be very jealous and venomous. She likes to manipulate others and is truly a villain at heart. She hates losing and strives to be the best of the best. She can also be very arrogant and clueless. She also doesn't seem to understand stealth, especially when she loudly announces her arrivals in a dramatic fashion. She is a highly cliche villain in that sense.


Peony was the first human-ish villain to confront The Dreyms. Ever since then she's been hassling them, until recently when they found out the truth concerning the Elders and Lotus. Now she seems to be in hiding of sorts, but isn't seeking any sort of redemption for what she has done, unlike Azilla and Douglas.


She doesn't really have a set weapon. Usually she just sets the hellhounds loose and lets that be that.


Ash and Amarie are her siblings. Dreyus is her cousin.


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