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One of Noemi's OCs that joined her crew in dd. (Noemi named her first army after Umbra)


Umbra is a half pony-half lion. She has two front paws and back hooves, with wings and a horn. She is mostly indigo/purple but has orange in her mane and markings. She has lion fangs and has thicker fur around her chest and neck as well as around her feet. Umbra also has green eyes.



She was one of Noemi's experiment friends and has terrible memories of Lotus. She is generally very friendly and the children all love her. Umbra can fight very well and likes to help protect the children. She can have a bit of a fiery spirit, especially if the crew is at peace and someone challenges her to a practice fight. Umbra takes her work in The Singulis Kingdom seriously and does not let her difference hold her back. As a permenant resident of the kingdom, she does her best to support Singulis and helps Princess Caliga with royal duties.

Abilities & Powers

Umbra has the kicking power of a strong pony and lion fangs, claws, and strength. She is also a fire elemental and a shadow elemental. She is quite strong and skilled at fighting. Becoming one of the famous ponies ever in the Crews, Umbra also fights against people who do not want rights for animals with human sentiment. Umbra is also a general in the Singulis Kingdom army. 



Umbra is friends with mostly everyone on the crew and can sometimes even get Kyoya to smile.She is also dating Sizzle, another pony on Noemi's Crew. Umbra also assists Princess Caliga in royal duties and acts as an aunt to her. She is also a general for the Singulis Kingdom.


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