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Princess Caliga

Princess Caliga is Noemi's only pony-born child and co-leads The Singulis Kingdom.
Caliga Luna

Ignore the Homestuck horns they were some of the only ones the creator had


Princess Caliga has a very unique appearance for an Equestrian pony. Her coat is mostly black but the tips of her hooves and muzzle are purple. Her mane and tail are purple and red and she has red eyes and red horns as well. Caliga is an alicorn and has a slightly bent horn and large black wings. She is tall and thin for a pony, and has a somewhat quiet personality.


She usually wears an indifferent look or a small smile and is not loud at all. Teased and called a "demon horse" by many, Caliga does not usually stray outside her duties in the Singulis Kingdom. Caliga uses dark Equestrian magic, Darkness Magic, and is a shadow elemental. Caliga's father was none other than the infamous King Sombra who was dethroned from the Crystal Empire in Equestria after his tyranny. However, Caliga has no intentions of following her father's hoofsteps and got her cutie mark in dark magic dueling. As one of Noemi's royal heirs, Caliga does her best to maintain good order on the family's kingdom and keeps a good reputation despite her origin.

Abilities & Powers

Caliga Luna 2

Caliga is study all types of magic, but her strongsuits are Darkness magic and Dark Equestrian magic. Her main talent is magic dueling and she also studies science and magical science. Princess Caliga is very intelligent for her young age and intends to become a full-fledged magical science expert one day and wants to master the art of dark magic so she can educate ponies everywhere about it. Princess Caliga is one of the only known Dark Equestrian magic users in history who can control her powers. She currently studies at Crystal Prep Academy in the Crystal Empire.



Princess Caliga is Noemi's daughter and is close with General Sizzle Starry and General Poison Umbra of the Singulis Kingdom. She has grown apart from her siblings and mostly sticks to her studies.


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