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Purrggh is the first born of Noemi and Zoro's children. Her name is pronounced how it looks. (It's basically a purring noise.)

Purrggh (Indigo Fire)


Purrggh has a very unique appearance. She has purple, pink, and green hair with green ears. Purrggh usually has a fiery gaze and a sneaky smirk. She is often found with cookie crumbs on her face and is becoming very tall. She often teases her mother over this as it is believed that she will be taller than Noemi once she is full-grown. As the oldest of all the children Purrggh is the strongest but, surprisingly, the least mature. She has a few scars that she acquired after fighting a a few battles in the war and being exposed to some combat at a young age, despite her parents trying to keep her away from the worst of the fighting. It is known that Purrggh would sneak out while the crew fought, along with her a few of her siblings to strengthen their skills. This has since made her quite strong. She has a rather vivid appearance, inheriting a few experiment genes from her mother. She usually wears normal, casual clothes since her school doesn't have a uniform and has one of her mother's dog tags as a keepsake. She also likes wearing one of Noemi's older jackets.


Purrggh is famous for stealing cookies out of the jar, even when she is told not to. The whole crew has gotten used to yelling at her for this, but she doesn't mind. After she was captured by the Garnet Blood Brothers and assaulted, Purrggh has changed. She is more alert and slightly more serious. She is also always en guard and has learned to keep her senses sharp. Despite this terrible occurrence, Purrggh has since healed. She has gone back to her happy, bouncy self (though she will never forget what happened to her).

During the war, she was known for sneaking into rebel meetings held by her mother to listen for news. Purrggh was also around to see the first rebel base built and liked to stay up late to watch the rebels go on night missions. Occasionally, she joined them. Purrggh is credited to be one of the many children that fought with a crew during the war. She always had a rather strong sense of justice and determination. Unlike many young people her age, Purrggh was not deterred by the upsetting things she saw as a child during the times of anarchy in Moxidius. Though she was a good fighter for a child, Purrggh did not go into military school after the war. She goes to regular school and is seemingly a regular child by DD standards. She gets good grades and plays with her siblings and friends after her homework is finished; and she was quick to move on from the war unlike many.

Abilities & Powers

Purrggh is a cat were and a very powerful one, being able to change into many different types of felines. Purrggh is trained in explosives and fighting from when she was a rebel in the war, but no longer needs to use these skills. She gets good grades in school and shares her mother's love of reading. Purrggh also enjoys playing outdoors and is physically strong from months of wrestling with her siblings. Otherwise, Purrggh is just a regular girl. She has grown fast, as cat weres do, and in a little over a year has become the age of a child about 11 years old.



Purrggh is Noemi and Zoro's daughter. She is not close to her father anymore, much like the other children. She is very close to Sunny and Starr, getting along well with her siblings. She has a lot of friends at school and also protects the other children if there is trouble.


  • "Just one more cookie before bed?! Please?!"
  • "Cookie pirates, search the newcomer for any sweets!"
  • "How would you like to join the Cookie pirates? You'll always get your share of the loot!"
  • "Yeah, I saw the war. It was lame. Can we get back to our game now?"


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