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He probably stole that watch


He insists he would never dress like that. Sibrel says it was a phase he doesn't like to talk about.


He has grayish-silver hair and dark eyes. He wears goggles when he starts running.


He loves to play tricks on people and mess with them, seeing their clueless looks is his whole reason for existence. He can be serious and helpful from time to time... but that is usually uncommon. He is also a really good thief. He can break into anywhere, it's one of his "hobbies".


He is a mutant who can move really fast. He does everything really fast and you can't stop him. (unless you use plastic wrap)


He is Shape Shifter Guy's best friend and seems to act as though Siri is his younger sister. He also takes the role as the messenger for his crew.


  • "I don't get what you are so upset about. All I do is keep track of everyone at every minute of everyday, not like I give out that information for free."


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