Regan and T.J.'s adopted daughter, she is 9 years old.



Raccie has black hair and coal black eyes, gray raccoon ears and a matching tail. In the sunlight sometimes her hair appears to have stripes and is very thin and soft. She has fair skin and usually wears casual clothes when she isn't dancing. She has freckles and usually wears ribbons in her hair or around her neck.


Raccie is very lively and is good friends with Purrggh. Despite her mother being killed by her father and then her father abandoning her on Noemi's doorstep with a bomb strapped to her chest, Raccie has a positive attitude. After the tragedy when she was almost killed (Noemi disabled the bomb and got rid of the Loyalists), Raccie found closure and was officially adopted by Regan and T.J. She strives to move forward from her past and tries not to let it bother her. Keeping with the optimism, Raccie takes dance classes from T.J. and does her best in school.

Abilities & Powers

Raccie is a raccoon were and fast reflexes. She doesn't fight at all now, although during the War her Loyalist father made her do a lot of dirty work despite the fact that she is just a child. Raccie goes to regular school with some of the other children from Indigo Fire and has a relatively normal dd life aside from the fact that she lives with a famous crew. Some of her best qualities are always having a lot of energy and being able to learn fast, not to mention her positive attitude. She is also very clever and joined the Cookie Pirates (a group the children of Indigo Fire formed). Raccie is also a dancer and takes classes from her father T.J. in his studio along with Zetro.



She is T.J. and Regan's first adopted daughter. She also has an adopted older sister who's name is Shen. Raccie is a Cookie Pirate and is best friends with Purrggh and her crew, often dragging her shy sister into their mischief.



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