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Raphael is one of the seven archangels and has the role of messenger as well as healer.


Raphael has tanned skin and dark green eyes. He is a bit on the tall side, standing at about six feet tall. He has dark brown hair which contains a few streaks of deeper red and some of a golden nature. His wings are a light auburn.


Raphael has a very timid personality and likes to stick to the rules. He enforces them and always worries about the consequences of breaking rules, even if they are extremely trivial. This is one of the reasons why he has such terrible anxiety. Azadis, the current Virgin Mary, traumatized him and now the thought of stepping out of line terrifies him. He also doesn't like seeing his loved ones hurt, so he will constantly fuss over them like a mother. Raph is also fiercely loyal. He will serve his Lord no matter what, and loves him like a son. Raph can also be very formal and even socially awkward since he doesn't get out much. He often reverts to very reserved speech until he gets to know someone better.


Raphael is one of the most prominent archangels and was very popular with all of the Gods. He's best known in Heaven, not for his healing, but for his music. He's skilled at various instruments and often entertains at parties. However, after Gabriel was damned things changed drastically. Raphael was given his role of messenger and was forced to work two jobs so he lost touch with his music.

Powers and Abilities

Raphael is phenomenal healer and can cure virtually any illness with a touch of his hands. He also has a vast knowledge of traditional medicines as well. Because he is a full blood archangel he is immortal, even when faced with a star shot. He also has basic light bending abilities, but has never bothered to develop them because he has no use for them.


Raphael loves Innes dearly and regards him as a sort of son. He is even willing to bend a couple rules for his sake. Michael and Uriel are his two closest friends and they are often seen together. Juni is his girlfriend who he is completely head-over-heels for.


  • "What is a snapchat?"
  • "I'm going to be damned for this."
  • "Am I going to be damned for eating crackers?"
  • "I did not have intercourse with the devil or his plants."


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