Ravenhorses are a type of pegasi native to The Darkness Kingdom that are also part bird. They originated when magicians/wizards found a way to combine animals and began breeding hybrids. Ravenhorses were one of the first magical hybrids and were created by Darkness magic-users in the Northern mountainous areas of the kingdom. The royal guard and family are represented on top of these horses and they are a national symbol.


Raven Horse

An accurate representation of a ravenhorse, found in Howrse's creative space voting.

Ravenhorses are all black horses with a few differences between individuals. Defining details of ravenhorses are as follows:

Head- Large beak or horse head with beady raven or horse eyes, feathers and fur. Eye colors can differ between red, black, brown, or blue, grey or green in rare cases.

Legs- Hooves or talons, also have fur and feathers

Tail- Large raven tail or horse tail

Back- Large raven wings, fur and feathers

Raven Horse 1

More of a mixed breed ravenhorse, traditional ravenhorses are usually all black and more ravenlike but appearences differ.

Coat- A mixture of raven plumage and horse fur, usually sleek and shiny. Some have more feathers than others, some have more fur.

Most have a enshrouding, foreboding auras, but can be quite friendly. They also can appear mysterious and sinister, but it depends on the ravenhorse. Overall, the breed is associated with much mystery.


Ravenhorses were originally bred for wizards and magic-users to ride upon during duels or use to scare away non-Darkness residents who threatened the kingdom. Now in days, they are mostly used for show or for work. The royal guards and some police ride them, and they are also known for carrying messages. However, each ravenhorse is different. They have advanced and more aware personalities than other animals, and some can range from violent to mellow depending on how they were raised. Some were used in ravenhorse fighting rings, but these were of course shut down and the sport is illegal.

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