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Reenee's younger brother and a technician in training.


Regan has dark brown hair and matching eyes. He has a scar over the top of his left hand from the last battle


he and his old crew fought. He wears his signature pink bow tie at all times and also keeps a brown leather bag with him with a few tools and inventions in it.


Regan is a little sensitive at times, but it's mostly about his old crew who all died in an attack. Sometimes he can become very depressed about this. Regan is extremely outgoing though, and is debating going into a career of fashion. He isn't afraid to tell someone when they've got bad taste in clothes, and he also isn't afraid to make a few adjustments to someone's wardrobe. Full of sass and flare, no member of his new crew leaves the house looking anything short of dazzling. Regan loves to text and also has many social media accounts which he updates regularly.

Abilities & Powers

Regan is a bad technician but is currently training with Josh to get better. Although, Regan has other talents. He has an incredable fashion sense and says he might quit engineering to be a fashion designer. Overall he's a stay-at-home dad and helps Fawn with the children. Other than that he forms his life around social media and his friends and has "on fleek selfie-taking skills".



Regan has two daughters, Raccie and Shen. Regan is also Reenee's younger brother. His best friends are Nishi and Reenee and they seem to go everywhere together. He is currently in back in college in the Capitol living with his mom, but visits Noemi every now and then.


  • "Just chillin' with my bishiles!"
  • "Ooh girl, ______ is not your color!"
  • "I'm part of the DFH, honey, I know what I'm doing."
  • "*snap snap snap* Girl you are a hot mess today. This is a fashion crime and I am the pizzazz police."
  • "But you'd look so cute in this!"


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